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Hi friends !

I present for you my created programs, which, I hope, will facilitate your work.

And so…


The program

SGIMMPWorkStation 2.1

gives the following opportunities:

1. Packing the images of formats "*.BMP", "*.JPEG", "*.PNG", "*.TIFF", "*.GIF", "*.EMF", "*.WMF", "*.ICO" in archives "*.MMP" of the images in transcoding modes:

8 bit per pixel (palette)

24 bit per pixel (True Color)

32 bit per pixel (True Color Alpha).

2. Extraction from archives "*.MMP" of the images in files "*.BMP".

3. Direct stream copy or direct stream move of the images from one "*.MMP" - file in another "*.MMP" - file in overwrite modes of the existing same images or ignoring of copying in case of presence of the same image.

4. Renaming the image contained in "*.MMP" - a file.

5. Removal of the images from "*.MMP" - file.

6. Creation empty "*.MMP" - file with the necessary name.


The initial files of the program are available in archive